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About Us

People Impact is the market leader in providing intelligence training to children and we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2017.

Throughout the years, People Impact has developed 5 different certificated programs for children from 0-18 in Asia, including Baby Impact®, Leader Impact®, Brain Impact®, Think Impact® and e@Leader Online®, an online learning platform. Our program focuses on enhancing various soft skills, such as communication, heightening self-esteem, leadership skills, money and time management, arithmetic & linguistic reasoning, creativity and critical thinking.

In creating a curriculum for children in Asia, People Impact has invested over US$4 million in Research and Development, inviting leading professors from Harvard, MIT, Michigan University, Washington University and University of Hong Kong. Upholding the belief that scientifically proven education can better our children and future, together, they led a team of educators from both Western and Oriental cultures to develop the core of all People Impact programs.

Continuing from 2012 with the successful acquisition of corporate & adult training company, TalentPrints, partnership with Korea’s top listed English corporation and our affiliation with a renowned education institution in Singapore, these achievements has made People Impact more substantial in the industry today and will be beneficial to our growth and expansion into Southeast Asia market in the long-run. To date, People Impact is spread across Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore and Korea, reaching up to 100 centres and partners, benefiting children of different regions.

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