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3Q-Pro assessment is conducted by People Impact certified trainers who are experts in making clear observations and assessment of the child’s behavioural performance during the test.

3Q-Pro assessment is conducted for children from 3 to 12-years old. Assessment duration is 45-mins.

Parents will be presented with a 3Q-Pro assessment report. A 1-to-1 private consultation will be conducted by People Impact certified trainers.


3Q-Pro is an Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotion Quotient (EQ) and Academic Quotient (AQ) assessment for children from 3 to 12 years old. It is designed by Registered Psychology of Global Choice Psychometrics (GCP). The design of the test and scoring benchmarks are developed against the current Asian academic curriculum and environment, so that results reveal a relatively accurate indication of which direction the child requires more work and/or assistance on for further advancement.

Why 3Q-Pro Assessment?

Similar to doctors understanding a patient before diagnosis and treatment, 3Q-Pro assessment is a powerful and essential tool used to allow parents and trainers to understand the child’s behavioral performance before knowing how to bring the maximum potential out from the child.

3Q-Pro assessment is used with the following objectives:

  • To help parents understand the current developmental stage of their child, in terms of their IQ, EQ and AQ.
  • To help parents understand the strength and areas of improvement of the child, including coping skills when encountering challenges, emotions
  • management under stress and self-esteem with regards to self-respect and self-confidence.
  • With the observations and results obtained from the 3Q-Pro assessments, trainers will be more effective in targeting the areas of improvement
  • whilst maintaining and managing a child’s strength to higher potential.

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